• 29.07.2021:

Networking book if finally issued! (BOOK)

  • 22.06.2021:

If for any reason anyone, as Presenter, have not received e-mail with personal link and training session info so far, please write us back as soon as possible.
We want to be sure all Presenters receive the links and know how to navigate through the ATP platform.

  • 21.06.2021: We do remind, that Thursday, 24th of June, is the deadline for sending us by e-mail power point presentations!
  • 17.06.2021: LLRN5 Brochure with (i.e.) information for Chairs and Presenters, information about our Partners and Sponsors and information about publication possibilities available NOW
  • 16.06.2021: Links for training sessions are sent out in batches (so as not to cause crowding in the conference rooms – you know, COVID, social distance… 🙂 ) only to those participants who have paid conference fee
  • 2020: Papers should be sent via e-mail: llrn5poland@wpia.uni.lodz.pl
  • 2020: Please note, that the conference will take place online!