To register prepare:
short bio [we plan to publish it with the program of the Conference to introduce LLRN presenters to the public (maximum 100 words)]
– professional, high quality photo of yourself [will be published with biography (optional)]

As for the „PAYMENT METHOD”, please note that participants have two options to choose from:
1. bank transfer (wire transfer)
2. PayU (credit card payment/Blik).
Please note if you prefer to pay by credit card please choose PayU option so the system directs you to the website where payment by credit card is possible.

During the registration, you will be asked about the INVOICE (tax document).  If your university/employer is ready to pay the fee for your participation, please discuss with them an invoice and payment policy first.
During the registration, you may go with three options:
1. without an invoice (less paperwork for us 🙂 );
2. invoice for a natural person;
3. invoice for a legal person, organization, etc.;

If you choose “invoice for a natural person”, then provide us with the address of your place of domicile where we will send a hard copy for you (please do not put here the address of your university, etc.)
If you chose “invoice for a legal person, organization, etc.”, then provide us with the address of the legal person (university), etc. 

Please to not mix options 2 and 3.

Note, that according to national tax legislation, if you pay as a natural person (personal bank account), it is not possible to issue an invoice for a company or organization.

What is an invoice? (according to Polish tax regulations)

Based on polish tax law, the University of Warsaw may produce an invoice (a tax document) only in two scenarios:

1.     after receiving the payment,
2.     after we, as Organizers, provide the service (the event in June, which makes no sense in the LLRN case).

For this reason, if you choose “bank transfer”, after completing the registration via the conference website, you will receive payment details (pdf file) including the bank account of the University of Warsaw, address, etc. 

Once the payment is completed (funds are credited to the University of Warsaw bank account in Polish currency; PLN), the University of Warsaw: 

1.     issues an invoice, which in our case is a tax document that confirms the payment was successfully made and then
2.     send this document to you

If you choose payment by credit card (PayU) and asks for an invoice during the registration, once the payment is completed, we send you an invoice too.

All in all, the University of Warsaw is not allowed to issue an invoice before you make a payment for the LLRN conference.